Microbi is a market leader in the production of Bio-Fertilizers and Organic Manure by using ancient technology. Microbi has trained and guided over a million farmers in organic farming and every single farmer has excelled in producing the greatest outcomes on practically all crops. Microbi has branches and dealers in the states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. Microbi understands that every farmer and land is unique and offers different kinds of solution based on the type of crops and location of the farmers. Microbi has been successful in eliminating chemical farming in terms of productivity, quality of yield and overall cost of farming. With an aim to restore farms’ natural fertility and sustainability, Microbi and its partners offers a plethora of services like professional guidance in buying the right products, selling your produce, geo-mapping of your lands and maintenance of your farm diary. Explore franchise opportunities with South India’s most popular Bio-fertilizer brand and be a part of the Microbi Family.

Why become a Microbi Dealer?

See Profit from year 1

Brand Support on Execution

Industry lowest fit-out cost

Payback in less than 30 months

Affiliate Benefits

Complete marketing support

High quality trend setting products

Free Training and mentoring

36% Average Return on Investment (ROl) in 3 years.

Dealership Eligibility
  • Initial Investment:
    Rs. 5 Lakhs for 300 Sq.ft
  • Dealership Fee:
    Zero dealership fee for first 10 dealer’s

Minimum 250 sq.ft. carpet area

A minimum frontage of 10 ft or more is required

Entrepreneurial Streak

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