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Why us

Why us?

Oblivious of the danger of using chemical fertilizers over the last few decades, the farmers are put into a lot of difficulties, which has an impact on not only their lives, but also the lives of everyone who consume their produce Microbi, is formed and run by a group of enterprising farmers, who not only understand the difficulties of the farmers, but also have pioneered and streamlined the process of soil rejuvenation and inspired thousands of farmers to adopt healthy and sustainable organic farming practices. Nonetheless, we believe that our adventure has only just begun.

Step-1 :- Renovate our Damaged Soil :- Try to understand what we have lost ?

We have lost life in our Soil, that means many helpful micro organisms is no more in our soil and it has happened due to excessive use of acidic chemical fertilizers as inputs. So our land is completely damaged but we can still rectify our mistakes. (Dr.Soil) can help us get back more than 300 types of helpful micro organisms to our land by natural way. It will create suitable atmosphere for helpful micro organisms in our land and also provide 13 to 18 nutrients & required gases to the plant in digestive form.

Every creature on our planet needs a balanced diet with all the essential (13 to 18) nutrients to exist, and we are just providing acidic chemical inputs (medicines) as a source of N.P.K. Because it is in chemical form, it is essentially manufactured food that will harm the biological cycle or food web in the soil. This is why we no longer see farmer friends’ - earthworms under the soil. Dr.Soil is a well-balanced diet that contains 13 to 18 essential micro and macronutrients such as N, P, K, MG, CA, S, B, FE, MO, ZN, MN, CU, OM, and so on. Dr. Soil restores soil life, improves the soil food web, and provides a natural environment similar to that of the past.

Healthy immune system will protect from any outside attack of insects, fungus and virus. Sasya Samrakshak is the first innovative product which can support the power of immune system of the plants so plant itself can fight against the small outside attack. Sasya Samrakshak will be able to stop reproducing of insects by coating of their upper skin. So Sasya Samrakshak is able to support & protect from outside attack and save our crop & plants.

The unique concept of Dr.Soil provides the following Solutions :-
  • Convertibility of organic matter from inaccessible form to accessible form to the plants.
  • Promotes soil fertility and enhances soil properties.
  • Reduces the cost of producing food in agriculture.
  • Saves Energy for both Plants and Animals.
  • Keeps Environmental Healths.
  • Increase plant photosynthesis through the crystallisation process.
  • Defend plants from fungal, viral, and insect assault.