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Microbi Agrotech Private Limited

Years of experience: 10+

We produce Bio-Feritlizers and Organic Manure by using ancient technology. Products are studied, researched & created using indigenous technology that dates back to more than 5 centuries. We have trained and guided over a million farmers in organic farming and every single farmer has excelled in their profession. We have always had great success in producing the greatest outcomes on practically all crops. We have been successful in eliminating chemical farming in terms of productivity, quality of yield & overall cost of farming. Apart from productivity, we aim to restore the farms' natural fertility and sustainability.

Since last 50 years humans have left the hand of nature and has picked the hand of chemical science and that has damaged the soil. We have forgotten that the invention of chemical science was invented just few years ago but nature has completed their 400 Cr years. Last 50 years has spoiled the established science of nature. So the first step required is to renovate our land then think about quality or quantity. If land becomes dead or unproductive than nothing can be produced.

Can we produce enough to the world in organic ?
Without a doubt! We can generate enough food to feed the entire planet; we are not just saying it; we are doing it in our daily lives.
How ?
Producing crops of Higher Quality. As you are aware, Chemically used produce has already impacted the world with dangerous diseases, some of them don’t even have a remedy. However, using organic methods we can produce high quality and perfectly nutritious healthy food and at the same time protect the environment as well.

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Our Motto..

Products studied and created on the basis of 500 years old indigenous technology for suistainable life.

Working on only 100% Natural and Organic Agricultural Solutions and simultaneously conserving the environment.

Successful in producing the best outcomes in the majority of crops, which benefits both farmers and end consumers.


To be the leading organization of Sustainable Organic Farming and providing organic food to society by delivering end-to-end solutions to farmers worldwide.


To educate and promote Sustainable Organic Farming practices to farmers & help them to market their organic produces to the society.