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Founder's Message

Good Health, be it in Plants, Animals or Humans, is a prerequisite to increase productivity and build a healthy viable society. As one of the very few true players in the Organic industry, we have the determination and the right blend of Strategy, Talent, Teamwork and Knowledge to turn MICROBI into a global player and to complete the transformation journey that we started in 2012. With the pandemic changing the way we work, interact, and engage customers, Microbi has adopted various digitalisation techniques and technological solutions, to train and impart knowledge that farmers in our country lack the most, and fulfil its mission of “Let Soil Live”. We take pride in our consistent efforts to revive the health of the soil and in-turn improve the health of the plants, animals, humans, and the environment at large in a socially conscious, environmentally responsible way.

Finally, we believe that it is more meaningful for our companies to achieve sustainable growth by functioning not only as profit centres but also as institutions that add value to our farmers, while also protecting the environment at the same time, and we remain optimistic that this is the decade of opportunities, especially for the Indian farmers.

Dr. K. R. Hullunache Gowda
- Chairman

For almost a decade now, Microbi has emerged as one of the most successful Bio-Fertilizer manufacturers and offers some of the best solutions for the farmers in the best and most economical way. We are very happy that Microbi has one of the best teams who work as a family and due to their skill and rich technical experience in the field of farming and agriculture have developed more than 14 indigenous products at the frontline of the company’s core interest.

Our strength is developed by our unique ideas and values, wherein we develop excellent and nature friendly products which not only enhances the soil properties but also helps protect the environment to a great extent and by giving equal importance to all stakeholders involved in the chain, such as diverse partners, farmers and the society at large.

Creating brilliant and innovative business strategies & opportunities and giving value-added solutions to our farmers by inducing excellent & proven farming practices is one of the main reasons that has contributed to the success of the company All you need to do is, get in touch with any of our technical experts who are always ready to answer all your questions related to farming, agriculture and soil care.

Mr Thejesh Bychappa
- Executive Director