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Using the biofertilizer Dr. Soil Sugarcane Special is the only option to grow 100 tonnes of sugarcane at a low cost in organic farming.

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Hemraj Sharma, Koppal

Growing 15 different crops only on 1 acre, the farmer practises integrated organic farming and earns ₹ 3 lakhs each year utilising Dr. Soil biofertilizer.

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Chandrashekar, Davanagere

The earthworm population in the soil increased and soil fertility improved in just 15 days as a result of utilising Dr. Soil biofertilizer at banana field.

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Using Dr. Soil biofertilizer has boosted sugarcane growth, increased cane size, increased the number of tillers, and gave the farmer good yield.

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Amburaya Totagi, Vijayapura

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