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Direct Market

Microbi’s Direct Marketing platform enables buyers and sellers to connect with each other directly rather than through some mediators, email, mass media, etc. Through this platform, the seller can present information about his products or service to the target audience or end customers directly.

The platform connects the buyers and sellers directly and engages them in a conversation to buy/sell their produce locally without any interference from anyone. The platform allows you to generate requests from specific target groups and fulfil the needs of small buyers and sellers.

The platform also regularly releases prime videos for its subscribers exclusively which help people to understand farming practices and explains the various methods and techniques to improve the produce and adopt organic farming practices. The videos are explained in detail with animations and images by subject matter experts such that any layman also shall be able to understand farming practices and techniques. These videos are also useful for people who have no farming background but wish to take up farming as a profession or hobby.


  • Sellers free to quote any price they wish
  • Increase in income for sellers
  • Flexibility in delivery schedules
  • Enables to reach even individuals and large organisations
  • Support long-term relation
  • Directly responsible for customer satisfaction
  • Personalised products for specific customers