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Case Studies


Conventional way of farming has always been in practice since a very long time. I have always believed that I got good yield only if I apply chemicals to my agriculture land, though I have suffered from crop loss many a times.

My brother introduced Dr. Soil (Organic soil input) to me. I wanted to see the difference between chemical ways of farming with organic way of farming. So I divided my agriculture land into 2 segments.

In one segment I used urea and DAP in which I incurred a lot of expense! In another segment I used only Dr. Soil (Organic soil input) and no other inputs, which was way cheaper to me.

After few days, clearly I could differentiate changes in my organic segment of the plot. One thing was very clear. My organic segment was healthy and better than chemical segment of the plot. I also understood that it had low maintenance; investment is very much minimum and way cheaper that what I had invested for my chemical segment of the plot.

Main concern for all the farmers is to get more output what so ever. Well I have seen an increase of almost 20% in my organic segment. The corn in terms of quality, size weight is better. More over its healthy!

I just experimented with organic way of farming to understand about it, but now I am speechless for what changes I have seen in the past days. Being work free, cheaper reliable, healthy, good quality yield I will continue my agriculture with organic way of farming for my entire land by using Dr. Soil.