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Case Studies


Since 20 years I have been growing cotton using chemicals. Many a times in chemical way of farming I have suffered a lot of loss. One of the major problems being the cotton buds breaking down from the plant. This condition is the same for many farmers across this location.

Recently I adopted organic farming and got introduced to Dr. Soil (Organic soil input). I was pretty eager to know how this will work.

It was amazed to see the difference in my farm. The cotton buds which used to break down from the plant have been stopped. The buds are stronger and stick to the stem.

This was one major problem for cotton growing farmers and this has been solved. The plants are healthier, taller than before and the leafs and the buds seem to be strong. I can also guarantee that these plants can survive even if there is scarcity of rainfall. So many changes in this little time by using Dr.Soil.

I have invested only ₹4000/- for my one acre cotton crop, which according to me is very less investment. The best part is the output of the cotton has been increased.

In this present situation, organic farming is the only solution for all the farmers. Only natural way of farming will ensure the survival of farmer.

Few factors like rainfall, which cannot be controlled by any humans, will impact on agriculture. But in organic farming even without rain the crops can survive. (Because in organic practice humus will develop in our land and water holding capacity will increase). I want all the farmers to start practicing organic way of farming using Dr. Soil.