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Case Studies


In Pomegranate cultivation, I have 3 years experience. Just like everyone even I used to use chemical fertilizers to my pomegranate farm. My Farm was attacked by Bacterial blight.

I used many chemical fertilizers, sprays and spent a lot. None of them could control this deadly disease. I wanted to cut down pomegranate trees as i was so helpless.

In Hosadurga few of the farmers were talking about Dr.soil and its efficient results. I though ill give a try and applied them to the farm.

After the application of Dr.soil (Organic Soil Input), Bacterial blight started reducing and over the period of time entire blight was nil in my farm. The plants were all healthy and green. New buds, leafs started sprouting. I started noticing earth worms, which wasn’t present before. White roots started beneath the soil, which was surprising.

Bacterial blight is such a deadly disease; I have consulted so many experts and invested so much for all the fertilizers and sprays (chemicals). At the end nothing really worked.

Dr.Soil being such low investment was able to get the plants back on track with its natural habitat.