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Case Studies


I have a total 15 acres of agricultural land at chikalaki, in these 6 acres I have been growing grapes. Last year I wanted to experiment with organic farming.

So I decided to use 3 acres with chemical way of farming and another 3 acres with organic way of farming. In organic way of farming I applied Dr.soil (Organic soil input).

In my chemical used land the soil color is different. You can easily understand that it’s infertile, the diseases is one constant problem throughout the year. The leafs will break if you fold them. Same with grape buds as well, if you fold the grape buds they all brake and fall apart.

The other 3 acres in which we have used organic practice is much greener and very healthy. No trace of any diseases and need not bother about any sprays to control any kind of bacteria and viruses. The soil is so fertile. Complete changes in the plant.

The leaf is stronger and doesn’t break down if you bend them. Even the grape buds are stronger; they never break down if you fold them.

I have made a lot of investment in my 3 acre chemical used farm. I have to make regular purchases for the sprays due to the diseases and it’s an unhealthy practice. I have not used any sprays in my organic farm at all. I prefer to go completely organic for all my 15 acre land using Dr. Soil.