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Case studies


One year back, I was watching Mr. K.R.Hullunache Gowda sir’s Krishi Program in udaya news on organic farming, in that particular day I learnt about organic farming and got introduced to Dr. Soil (Organic soil input).

I started experimenting in my areca nut farm, immediately I started noticing a lot of earth worms in my farm, I was fascinated. There were changes in the land, soil was as smooth as flower. Soil became loose and I realized there was a complete change in my farm within a short span of time.

Our works in the farm have become much easier. We don’t clean any of the waste throughout the year, the leafs, stem, fruits are all left untouched. My farm has a lot of earth worms which will do its job by breaking down these particles to feed themselves and the other micro organisms.

Initially in my farm, some areca nut fruits used to break down from the trees and fall on the ground, but now this particular problem is also solved, I don’t find any fruit falling down after the usage of Dr. Soil. I have not used any chemical fertilizers in my land, except Dr. Soil.

I have compared other farms with my farm, I can assure you that my farm is very healthy, completely disease free and excellent soil filled with earth worms and all the necessary micro organisms required by the trees to survive.

Coming to the yield, in the farms where chemicals are used are able to process 16 kg of dry nut from 100 kg of areca nut. But in my farm I am able to process 18 kg of dry nut from 100 kg of areca nut. I am able to get 2 kg extra with easier methods and which is also healthy.

I have invested just ₹ 10,000/- for my entire farm of one acre throughout the year and not a penny spent on any other inputs. Farmers in this location have a feeling that by using chemicals such as UREA, DAP will help them get better yield in that particular year. They have used such harmful chemicals and they have suffered from loss of crop in the second year.

I just want to conclude by telling all the farmers to stop using chemicals fertilizers, lower your investments. Let’s do our natural methods of farming. For better yield with very low investment Dr. Soil is the only solution available in the market.